Get Pumped

Get pumped by watching the final game from the last World Championships in Timaru, New Zealand. Call Me Daddy (Europe)(Current World Champs) vs Outlawz Birds (Europe).

The Bikery will be having a drink special for our event. Beer in bottles and cans for $3, plus a selection on tap for $6. They‚Äôll also have hot dogs ūüĆ≠! PLAY BALL!!

Back at it!

2nd place at the Sweet Tea Regional qualifier
L to R: Danny Wood, Emily Gerrity, Mike Tacket, Peter Dalkner, Bobby Feldman (Photo by Melanie Annis)

It was a sweet sweet weekend in late¬†April. Sweet enough for many of us from Tampa/St. Petersburg Bike polo to come in second place at the Sweet Tea Regional Polo Qualifier in Tallahassee, FL. Emily, Mike, and I teamed up with Danny Wood of Tallahassee Polo and Bobby Feldman of Ft. Meyers¬†Polo to give the all Tallahassee team of “Sea Cowabunga” a run for their money in the final. Along the way we played some really talented teams and made some new pals. Special thanks to the Tallahassee Bike Polo club for running an excellent event!

Sick Daze

Unfortunately I won’t be able to conduct Learn Bike Polo night tonight bc I’ve come down with a nasty fever. Feel free to meet up and play in my honor. Hopefully I’ll be 100% for Sunday’s event in tampa. If so I can probably fit three other ppl I the car. Let me know if you’re interested.

Sarasota->St. Petersburg

FYI everybody,
This Thursday evening (Sept. 24th) a bunch of people from the Sarasota Bike Polo club are going to be stopping by for some pick-up games in St. Petersburg. Things will kick off at 7pm. If anybody is curious about the sport, stop by to see some full games happening throughout the night.
I hope to see you there.

Polo Demo

Exciting news!!!


The St. Pete Bicycle Co-Op¬†asked us to give a bike polo demonstration to follow their “Let HER Show You” event. This upcoming Saturday (September 26th) at 2pm the Co-Op will be conducting a women’s bicycle repair workshop. Check out the event on Facebook here. Space is limited, so RSVP and arrive early to hold your spot!

Immediately following the event at 3pm will be an introductory hands on bike polo demo. Make sure to bring¬†a helmet and a bike, we’ll take care of the rest. Click on the image of the map for directions.



Back On!

Hi Everybody!


Seems like some weather is happening and will continue happening through the evening. Stay home and relax. I’m sure there’s a good episode of CSI on or something. 

Bike polo in St. Pete is a go for this Thursday evening (9/17) at the Northwest Rec. center. We’ll start off the night with some beginner friendly play and follow up with some pick-up. Hope to see you there.