Snowbird Polo Event

Inaugural St. Pete “Snowbird Polo” charity event

The Inaugural St. Pete “Snowbird Polo” event will take place on Friday 12/31/21 & Saturday 1/1/22. The facilities are one 120’x 60’ outdoor roller hockey rink with rounded corners, concrete surface, 4’ high boards with additional vertical fencing, nets, two team benches, lights, and an on-site bathroom (Northeast Park and Paw Place We’ll be opening registration at noon (St. Pete time) on 11/21 for 12 teams (link provided that day). 
The format will be 3v3 playing 15 minute games. We are open to short-bench (even some extended bench) teams but additional players are not required. If you have extra players, live substitutions are allowed but no special stoppage time to do so. You’ll be in charge of how you parse your fun. Friday will be broken into AM/PM brackets and Saturday’s format is TBD (ie. Double elimination, or pick-up followed by single elimination, etc.). 
This event is our holiday gift to you. We’ll be covering the cost of making it happen. In that spirit of giving, 100% of your registration will be going to local charities. We are asking $90 for a team to register. If any of the first 12 teams to sign up do not pay by 11/22, we’ll begin offering spots to the next team on the waiting list until all spots are taken. There will not be prizes, but there will be certificates for the podium of “Winners”, “Almost Winners”, and “Not Quite Winning Enough”. For up to date information and discussion follow along on Facebook. Fun and fond memories for all! We look forward to seeing you!

Bike Polo at Open Streets St. Pete


Feel free to download this flier and share it!

On Sunday October 28th from 11am-4pm our club will be participating in the Open Streets St. Pete event. If you’re otherwise unfamiliar, Open Streets is a closing of public streets to motor vehicle traffic and an ambulatory carnival of community vendors set up. It’s a family oriented day for walking, riding, scooting, skating, and most importantly fun! We’ll be setting up a small court for some 1 on 1 style games for fun and small prizes. Look for us at the Al Lang Stadium parking lot where the Saturday Morning markets usually take place. We look forward to seeing you there!

Open Streets St. Pete map

2018 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships

This past weekend (9/28/18-9/30/18) Dana and I (St. Pete club mates) had the opportunity to compete in the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships which was hosted in Milwaukee, WI. Our team, Ursa Minor, consisted of players from around the southeastern United States. I’ve been playing bike polo since 2007 and have tried earnestly to qualify into this event. Some times I did qualify but could not go because either the rest of my team could not attend or general “life things” happened that took priority.

It feels a little surreal to finally go, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my teammates; Melanie Annis, Joel Crandel, Bob Delgado, Dana Gordon, Jimmy Gunderson, Liz Solomon, and Danny Wood. Not all of them could attend the tournament in Milwaukee but they were there in spirit and they were certainly missed. 

The team from L to R: Melanie, Joel, Dana, myself, Danny. We made room for our teammates that couldn’t attend.

It was a roller coaster of a weekend. We played through some brisk temperatures and rain at times which made for some interesting games. Special thanks to the teams that we played against. You were awesome! In the end we placed 9th out of the 24 teams in the tournament. Not too shabby! The host club did an unbelievable amount of work to renovate the courts, provide lights, and procure other amenities to make this a top notch event. There was a web broadcast from one of the courts throughout the weekend. It makes for some entertaining stuff.

Dirty and busted up, this thing is gonna need some love when it gets home.

For more information about the sport and the tournament and link to the broadcast:

Here’s our first recorded match from the tournament, a game against Judgement. It’s worth watching for the wonderful play by play commentary by Alexander Kado:

Then you can follow that up with our game against Paul’s Bunyans. A real close one:

Getting Bike Polo Stuff

Last Saturday night was a great night! We had a number of people new to bike polo come out and give it a try. We always try to have spare gear for people to borrow, but for anyone that would like to invest in their own stuff here’s some handy links where you can shop for mallets, balls, parts, and bikes.

For a variety of stuff try Heckler’s Alley. They’ve got almost anything you’d need to get rolling.

For mallets and shafts check out Donata Bike Polo.

For everything second hand, there’s a group on Facebook.

Here’s a short list of bike frames that are purpose built for bike polo:

Bike Polo in the New York Times

Great article in the New York Times about the current state of polo and where many would like to see it go.

“The sport is also feeling the pressure to evolve, with many of the game’s early innovators now in their thirties or forties. Teams (like bands and other indie group efforts) fall apart when people marry, start families, move away, or just get tired. The challenge is to bring new blood in while honoring the original culture of the game.”

Photo by Christopher Lee for the New York Times.

Open Streets St. Pete 2018

Get ready everyone, we’ll be bringing bike polo to Open streets St. Pete. On Sunday, October 28th from 11am-4pm enjoy a family friendly event with FOOD, MUSIC and FUN IN THE STREET! “Experience car-free roads connecting to the Pinellas Trail and protected bike lanes. Come bike, stroll, and roll! Welcome Area is at Albert Whitted Park!” More details forthcoming. Until then, check out the proposed street closings: