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  • Learn How to Play Bike Polo

    This upcoming Thursday, August 6th, will kick off our Learn Bike Polo night. Things will start at 7pm at the multi-use court at J W Cate Recreation Center in St. Petersburg (22 Ave N and 58th St). Bring a bike and a helmet and we’ll provide the rest. We’ll be going over the basic rules, […]

  • Professional Hardcourt Bike Polo (a bunch of videos!!!!)

    Earlier this year Fixcraft drummed up a bunch of sponsorship and organized the first ever Professional Hardcourt Bike Polo tournament. This was totally unique and a wonderfull experiment(?) into the development of the sport. It’s definitely sparked a lot of debate since competitive polo has been happening organically without much corporate sponsorship and exists as […]

  • I’ll just leave this here…

    Emily Ruth Gerrity cooked up this little ditty. This artwork is based on a photo of a real life event. Honest. Print it out. Hang it on your wall. It looks killer under a blacklight!