May 29, 2024
2nd place at the Sweet Tea Regional qualifier
L to R: Danny Wood, Emily Gerrity, Mike Tacket, Peter Dalkner, Bobby Feldman (Photo by Melanie Annis)

It was a sweet sweet weekend in late April. Sweet enough for many of us from Tampa/St. Petersburg Bike polo to come in second place at the Sweet Tea Regional Polo Qualifier in Tallahassee, FL. Emily, Mike, and I teamed up with Danny Wood of Tallahassee Polo and Bobby Feldman of Ft. Meyers Polo to give the all Tallahassee team of “Sea Cowabunga” a run for their money in the final. Along the way we played some really talented teams and made some new pals. Special thanks to the Tallahassee Bike Polo club for running an excellent event!